Producing coconut cream and coconut milk

Rich and sweet coconut milk depends on good coconuts, so make sure the coconut that you select looks fresh(not too old) and feels heavy in your hand.

1. Use one ripe coconut. Find a strong chopping knife or small axe to split the coconut in half, “carefully your hand” 2. Get the coconut meat out from the coconut shell (by your favorite way) 3. Use a good Food processor, add coconut meat  and add approximately 3 cups of hot water. Blend for 2-3 minutes or until it became fine, add 3 more cups of hot water, blend until smooth and fine.

5. Provide a strainer and a bowl. Now it is the time to see the rich COCONUT CREAM get through the strainer.

6. Re-do a second time to get  COCONUT MILK                                                                                Thus we get the coconut cream (left) and coconut milk (right) also coconut pulp. P.S. coconut pulp can use for such as Deep-fried coconut prawns, Deep-fried bananas. Keep in a air tight container in freezer.

COCONUT CREAM can say it’s a heart of Thai cooking for the fresh taste and rich curry.

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