Banana Fritters with sesame seeds and vanilla ice cream

Banana Fritters with sesame seeds and vanilla ice cream

Hot bananas fritters with sesame seeds and Vanilla bean Ice cream กล้วยหอมทอดเสริ์ฟกับไอศครีมวานิลลา

I must say better delayed than never. Today our presentation is a dessert. This dessert is one of my favorites. Banana fritters,  with sesame seeds served with vanilla ice cream. This goes along perfectly with Thai cuisine. There are many  banana fritters recipes from all over the world; this classic recipe is one I like and is one of chef Gordon Ramsay’s. (Hot..Crispy..delicious to eat and a great indulgence).  I have adapted his recipe a little by replacing from five spice powder to vanilla extract. Tradition Thai banana fritters would prepare with more ingredients such as added grated coconut meat, and or  clear lime stone water solution…)

This recipe use rice flour with corn flour for batter , it is not heavy, but thin coated and crunchy and be a good companion when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or coconut ice cream) it is lovely.

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