Exotic Thai ‘Pomelo Salad’ ยำส้มโอ

Exotic Thai ‘Pomelo Salad’ ยำส้มโอ


Today our presentation is a tradition Thai pomelo salad (also this can be an appetizer) or ‘Yum Som O’ called in Thai. The pomelo (is now in season) we get them imported from the USA.  Their weight is about 900 – 1,000 grams The taste of pomelo flesh when its combine with the dressing that we made today is creamy sweet follow up closely with sour from lime juice along with the citrus sour from pomelo then salt.

To make this appetizer, ‘Toasted coconut’ done until crispy and light golden brown in colour is an essential ingredient.  ‘Yum Som O’ can be prepared in advance to create a different presentation as an appetizer for a party.

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