Pita bread with Lebanese Shish Tawook & garlic sauce

Pita bread with Lebanese Shish Tawook & garlic sauce
Homemade Pita bread served with Lebanese Shish tawook & Garlic sauce, Photographs by Luksana
As spring arrives I see more green leaves in the wild forest here and fall in love with the beauty of the wild forest all over again. The post for today is my first time sharing experience to make pita bread. My eagerness to make this pita bread started from the Mama’s gotta bake‘s blog post ‘When you need a pita…Bake it yourself. It also reminds me of my friend and  Lebanese chef  I worked with and I used to taste his food almost everyday while I was work in the kitchen.  By the way, the great recipe I made today is from food lover blog (After I have checked about the recipe before just to make sure it works)
Lebanese food flavors of garlic and lime (Lemon) and olive oil… I marinated the Lebanese chicken over night in advance and make pita dough the night before and bake the next day. (so it is possible for lunch time)
The problem is about I don’t have a baking stone for bake pita bread. so I went to the river and got a rock in the round flat shape to replace. A second problem is making the garlic sauce with food processor while I was pouring olive oil then the machine just run out and not work again and a bigger size I accidentally throw the blade away. Poor me!  I changed to use a mortar as the ancient style but I am unsure so I stopped it and not complete the recipe and garlic sauce is not volume yet. but the garlic sauce is taste delicious besides it is a bit too spicy for not adding enough oil.
Indeed, Thank you for the blog and owner of these recipes. They are great recipes!! :)

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