Thai fish patties ‘Tod Man Pla’

Curried fried patties or Deep – fried fish patties called “Tod man pla” in Thai {ทอดมันปลา}

There are different recipes for fish cake or fish patties around the world. Thai fish patties can be both appetizer or as a main dish with rice. The batter is different from western fish patties with more flavors from the fish, herbs and without use of starch. Thai fish patties are always served accompanied  with cucumber relish.

The original classic Tod Man Pla in Thailand was made using the  feather-back fish called Pla Krai in Thailand.  This kind of fish considered very special, tender, clean and fine textured, ideal for making Tod Man. Pla Krai meat is tender and delicate , it becomes sticky when pounded and mixes well with the curry paste, in the past wing beans were used, not green beans or long beans. …read more – Bangkok Post

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