‘Khao Soi’ The flavors of Chiangmai noodles

‘Khao Soi’ The flavors of Chiangmai noodles

Egg noodles with chicken curry and condiments or ‘Khao Soi Gai’ called in Thai ข้าวซอย

A Thai proverbs says “If you are arrived in Chiangmai and did not taste ‘Khao Soi’ or go up to ‘Doi Suthep you have  not arrived yet.

Our presentation for this week is ‘Khao Soi’, A popular dish of Northern Thailand.  There is more things to learn about ‘Khao Soi’ history and how to cook it so that it tastes like eating in Chiangmai.

Fresh egg noodles became a main part of this dish from it’s name, good quality of fresh egg noodles be part of delicious in ‘Khao Soi’. The Pasta machine created great noodles. For the curry I used 2 whole coconuts to make fresh coconut cream and milk.

Our three parts of home-made ‘Khao Soi’ included with home-made fresh egg noodles, coconut milk and curry paste.

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