Mee Krob

Mee Krob

Crispy rice vermicelli with tamarind sauce and condiments, “Mee Krob” called in Thai – หมี่กรอบ

I have watched a comedy series,  “Big Bang Theory” They often mention “Mee Krob”  in their conversation of their favourite Thai order. Mee Krob, one of popular Thai appetizer and the meaning of “Mee Krob” is crisp noodles.  Pad Thai and Mee Krob has some similar ingredients, With more extra ingredients that this dish takes a longer time for preparation than Pad Thai. The appeal of Mee Krob is its blend of sweetness, sourness and saltines all in one.

Mee Krob use some more special from The sour/citrus flavor prominent in this dish often comes from the peel of a Thai citrus fruit called “Som Saa”. Pickle garlic also one ingredients to not missing for this traditional dish. Pardon me “somsaa” is not available for our presentation today.

This recipe I had adapted from my school and ML.Puang. There are three 3 parts for preparation. This dish is definitely loved in a party.

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