Tom Yum Goong ‘Original’

Tom Yum Goong ‘Original’

Original of Spicy clear soup with shrimps or “tom yum” goong, called in Thai – ต้มยำกุ้งแบบดั้งเดิม

Our presentation for today is a vibrant Thai soup, “Tom Yum”. So today I present “tom yum” soup which in its original form excluded any cream with exciting flavours and aromas with fragrant lemon grass, great galangal root, kaffir limes and chili pepper that make this soup always on any list of popular Thai spa cuisine.

My presentation included two parts; Base stock and cooking “tom yum goong”.

In the original recipe, the ingredients – each of which are considered by Thai doctors to possess properties for treating respiratory ailments – are boiled together into a medicinal brew. Those suffering from symptoms related to colds, including stuffy noses, chest congestion and hacking coughts, would swear by the curative powers of tom yum. Whether by sheer coincidence, or a deliberate decision by tom yum’s creator, these ingredients are also staple found in a typical Thai kitchen. –  Bangkok Post/Food

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