Kermode Bear

A Kermode Bear is known by the Aboriginal People of the Pacific North West as ‘The Spirit Bear ‘or ‘Ghost Bear’.  this sub-species of the Black Bear  lives only on and near Canada’s Pacific Northwest Coast.  This rare animal  is found on some of the larger remote islands of the North Coast and along the Skeena River which flows through the city of Terrace  before entering the Pacific Ocean 140km  to the west near Prince Rupert. Now a days the sighting of a Kermode bear is something that is very special and is an event that many wish for themselves. Black Bear and Grizzly show up more often in this and other areas. Kermode bear has a white thick fur. It is no an albino it is a true white bear.

In the middle in August as we drove along the Skeena River Valley area  we saw something white moving faraway. We stopped the car to check it out. By  now we are pretty much sure this is a rarely seen bear.  (estimates vary between 400 and 1000) The large white body in middle of the big green grass  seemed to enjoy eating plants and moved slowly. This Kermode that we saw it could be a male bear since it is without any cub and big body. Females are much smaller. We can guess for the weight this one should be more than 200 kg. as from the information that a male bear weight can reach up to 290 kg. Some people never have a chance to see the real one but it is often depicted in  picture and statues around the city.

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