‘Mieng Kham’ A tasty kale appetizer do it yourself ‘เมี่ยงคำ’

‘Mieng Kham’ A tasty kale appetizer do it yourself ‘เมี่ยงคำ’


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I guess everyone have a great time in this season with sunshine. We have a lot of rain start in this month of June and wild roses are blooming. So the climate here is pretty wet and green with black flies and mosquitoes army, a feature of the rainforest. It is frustrate sometimes that we must check the weather so often. Boots and raincoat is a must to have in this part, shorts are not considered to wear in the area.

Today our presentation is back to the Tradition Thai cuisine again. As Kale is still in season so it is nice to do something with this fresh green leaf and good nutrition.  ‘Mieng Kham’ is another selection for a bite size of leaves added condiments and top with small amount of sauce. Tasty of chewing with herbs aroma of ginger, shallot, lime,  toast coconut and peanuts and with a hint of spicy from chili. The sauce make this petit bite a tasty. This appetizer is popular to make in rainy season in Thailand (Famous to make in May-June) “Mieng” is one of the dishes that best epitomizes the simple brilliance of Thai cuisine, with a few foreigners have heard of it or even few Thais enjoy it on a regular basis. The traditional “Mieng Kham” is a tasty do-it-yourself an hors d’ oeuvre with different tastes and textures coming together in a one bite-sized: “Mieng” means “many” and “Kham” means “one bite”. Various condiments preparation in small dice cubes then placed together on Kale {The original present on a dark green “bai cha pluu” or wild tea leaf} topped with a special sauce, then wrapped up for one bite. Hope you enjoy :)

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